How Can Military Families Benefit from Technology?

It is not a novel idea for soldiers stationed overseas to write letters to family members back home. Some of the new technologies that military families can use to connect with loved ones overseas beyond words are new.

Postcards and letters written by hand from exotic destinations are now passe. In most areas of society, email has replaced simple letters, and military life is no exception. An email has become more readily available and instantaneous, making it extremely convenient and well-liked among soldiers stationed overseas.

The development of low-cost and easily accessible high-definition video recorders is another technological development that has made it easier for military families to communicate with one another. Short movies can be sent to loved ones quickly and easily thanks to smartphones with high-definition cameras that fit in a pocket and HD video. On a laptop provided by the government, a soldier stationed on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the Persian Gulf can watch videos of her daughter’s graduation night or her son’s first steps. Even long home movies can be shared thanks to a website that lets users upload large files to their accounts, despite their small size.

Live video streaming is one more way that families can better connect with their military loved ones. This kind of technology used to only be used in corporate boardrooms, but now it can be bought at home and helps families stay in touch with military members.