How Does Technology Benefit Single-Family Residences?

The way parents communicate with their children has changed significantly because of technological advancements. According to a survey conducted by Pew Internet, 42% of parents use their mobile phones to communicate with their children daily, and 53% of parents believe that technology has made it easier to communicate with distant relatives.

Even though technology may hinder our capacity for meaningful communication, it has the potential to enhance family communication. It’s especially useful for families with two families, like those with parents who have split up.

Separated from guardians who don’t have essential authority over their kids frequently face trouble attempting to keep in touch with their youngsters. They might not see their children often because they live far away. We simply cannot. It can be contentious to talk about arrangements for visitation with an ex-spouse over the phone. Drawn-out ill will between ex-mates might lead the custodial parent to restrict the kid’s contact with the non-custodial parent.

However, technology is assisting in changing that. Even though there is no substitute for in-person interaction, webcam-based electronic or virtual visits can help parents and children who do not regularly interact face-to-face. Real-time audio and video connections are made possible by Skype, iChat, technologies like Facetime, and Google video chat. The first state to enact legislation allowing virtual visits was Utah in 2004, and subsequent states followed suit.

E-visits are superior to phone calls for communication because you can observe your child’s development and read her body language. Children are more likely to engage in technical communication than traditional phone conversations and are more likely to remain engaged in conversations when they are visually and audibly connected to their parents.

Visits can also be scheduled through technology. Compared to talking on the phone, email and text messaging can be more confrontational. However, keep in mind that you may need to talk or have a face-to-face conversation when discussing serious issues in your child’s life. Also, keep in mind that your ex-girlfriend might misinterpret the tone of your text or email.

The way two-family families communicate can be altered by technology, but the benefits come with some risks. People amid an ugly divorce can easily disclose their family situation by tweeting, blogging, or changing their Facebook status with a single click. These might be in a lawsuit. Keep in mind that anything you write or publish online can be used against you in court or shown to your kids. Therefore, try to maintain as much clarity and exactness as possible in all technical communications.