Top Ten Classic Video Games


The Beginnings: Pong was based on a game called “Tennis for Two” which was a hobby of accelerating tennis on the oscilloscope. Physicist William Higginbotham, curator, is constantly touted as one of the essential electronic games to use a graphics screen.
Gameplay: While it looks rather crippling, the gameplay is actually addictive. It is not difficult to play, but it is difficult to reproduce the program.

The frog

Concept: Easy – You want to drive on the side of the road that accompanies it. stay a second – there is a lot of traffic; I prefer to avoid traffic. Golly did it, hold on tight, then let the flow come out. Better hit those turtles and logs and run against the normal side – save this alligator’s power! ah! It seems necessary: ​​vehicles and logs are level, the way you move, the number of logs and vehicles, the speed may change. Do you really want to move the frog up, down, left and right, get out of the vehicles, bounce off the logs and avoid terrible animals and go back; do it in different events and at a high level.
Game: Another straightforward idea that usually combines fantastically. This game depends on the organization. You’re drowning in all the traffic and generally won’t find a seat. The plans are bad, the sound is terrible, but the adrenaline is really driving you as you try to get past that speeding car or the snake chasing you.

Space invaders

Reasons: Space Invaders coordinator Tomohiro Nishikada has been propelled by Star Wars and World War II. It was made from basic computer shooter and was definitely derived from Breakout gameplay.
Game: This is a boring game, but basically a common lineup. Each wave starts quite close to you and moves with true intelligence, making each new wave a more difficult test. The game has improved a wide range of the framework, similar to an unusual crossover action mode.


Beginning: The humans of the Galaxy have developed the theme of space invaders by turning the Expelled back to the Protector. It was one of the basic games for hiding orcs.
Thought: Take Space Invaders, add some tone, clear the rules, and get a splash of outcasts choking it and having Galatians. In general, Meditation is indistinguishable from Space Invaders, you protect the world from external crushers, but instead of the whole screen full of outcasts coming down on you in a good and subtle style, you get useless expelled members.
Gameplay: If you like Space Invaders, you will love it. The systems are excellent, as the need to escape from the many specific encounters of the expelled “attackers” can come regularly, however, if you manage to shoot them and drown them, having a large extra center of interest. The game is awkward until you change the pattern piece.


The Beginnings: This game was created by Williams Electronics in 1980. The game was organized by Eugene Jarvis, Sam Decker, Paul Dussault and Sally Demar. It was one of the first games to have complex controls, with five buttons and a joystick. Even though I was late in continuing your relationship, it was truly a record game.
Gameplay: This was a great game that was difficult to play and great during the show. Shooting strangers and catching people gave him the greatest rewards, and that was a huge part of the technology. There was an unusual type of outsider who was looking for you to make the game more overwhelming than the others; Sometimes it was just a help to complete the level. Although the custom was not formed in pairs, it emitted executive energy when it appeared with a high score.
Meditation: I went with a partner for a week and we spent the whole week in the arcade playing this game and the base game on my board (I won’t reveal the name now!). Apparently it was the best memory of my youth!

Missile command

Beginning: In July 1980, Atari broke up a game of reform. He didn’t have a joystick, but it did allow him to control a pointer on the screen. Modified by Dave Theurer and approved for Sega.
Gameplay: This is an important game. Placing bombs in the perfect position and at the right time can take out usually discarded missiles quickly and smoothly. As the game progresses, you end up spinning the wheel in a wild attempt to plant the bombs in the best place. This game was a lot of fun – part of the time you popped up, it seems, to challenge the amazing possible results, but then at that point you breathe a sigh of relief as a city continues.