What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology is certainly not another technology, however, was presented by consolidating different existing technology, and a blockchain is only a chain of blocks associated by keys.

Blockchain technology was presented in 2008 by a person named Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto made Bitcoin on the blockchain. Bitcoin is fundamentally a computerized digital currency. Bitcoin works on a shared organization, otherwise called a dispersed framework.

A blockchain is a decentralized, frequently open, computerized record comprised of records called blocks. These blocks are utilized to record exchanges on numerous PCs. Forestall changes to related blocks without changing every single resulting block. A blockchain stores information in blocks and chains them together, consequently the name blockchain.

Bitcoin depends on thoughts introduced in a white paper distributed in 2008 named “Bitcoin: A Shared Electronic Money Framework.” Decentralized computerized cash that permits moment installments to anybody, anyplace on the planet. It works without a focal power utilizing shared technology.

What is Blockchain Technology?


One of the primary worries surprisingly is security. You can’t confide in arbitrary outsiders. Since we are managing exchanges here, there will be trust and security issues. To give security, awry encryption with public and confidential keys can be utilized. In any case, you can be relied upon, you can’t rely upon a focal power. That is where the record came in. This record is just exchanged that are assembled and put away.


Bitcoin utilizes the idea of hashing. Hashing is a calculation to produce keys. Models: md5, SHA256, and so forth. Regardless of how large the information is, you get a similar result length (for SHA256 you get 256 pieces in length yield).

Various information gives an alternate result. This result of the hash calculation is treated as the key for the information put away in the block. Keys seldom match one another. At the point when a key matches the key to another piece of information, it is known as a hash impact. Keys can be utilized to make strings.


Assuming you attempt to change even the slightest bit of the block, the key changes. So, the key that changed the information doesn’t match the critical in the following block. Thusly, the information in the block can’t be changed. This property is called unchanging, and that implies that it can’t be changed.

Why blockchain?

You would rather not have focal power, you don’t need focal servers, you would rather not pay for our exchanges, and so on. We likewise need to make rapidly without occupying a ton of time in my bustling life.

Blockchain gives us certainty. Everything is put away in the record and is simple. As referenced for permanent properties, the information in the block can’t be changed. Along these lines, it is protected and gives us certainty.

Blockchain has turned into a strong technology since it is decentralized, changeless, and reliable. Blockchain jars can be utilized for the vast majority of different purposes, not simply Bitcoin.